Welcome to morbid-sakura the home of Sarah the crab. Here she is free to control her one little corner of the internet.

updated 02.19.2007

Morbid-Sakura is in the process of being reorganized. I'm trying to do some spring cleaning because I have stuff floating around everywhere that needs to be deleted.
Some sites will be deleted others will stay. I'm trying to decide if I should close Wired for Sound since I haven't done a new rotation in several months.

I also am down to one hostee and I haven't been answering any applications these past few months so if anyone is still around and wants to be hosted email me your name, email address, site name, site description, and a screenshot of your layout and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

In the mean time please remember to visit my remaining hostee, Rain, and her mp3 rotation.

Sites Coming Back:
Artistic Melancholy - My portfolio
Morbid Sakura Designs - My design/graphic site

Sites that are Dead:
Surreal - Candi's graphic site

Sites that May Die:
Wired for Sound - My mp3 rotation site

Sites Coming Soon:
Saturation - a Salyu fansite
Glide - A photolog site by me

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